FBI: Organizations Should Evaluate Their Cybersecurity Infrastructure

By Michael Joe, Security Consultant at QoS Consulting Solutions

Image by vicky gharat from Pixabay

If you turn on the news right now you are most likely met with an update on the latest developments in the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine. However, there is another critical development from this current event that should be highlighted. The Russian government recently announced its plan to increase the “intensity of computer attacks” aimed at disrupting important information resources and services not just in Ukraine, but worldwide.

Russia is leveraging data-wiping malware called WhisperGate. The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) and the FBI released statements on the matter emphasizing that data-wiping “presents a direct threat to an organization’s daily operations, impacting the availability of critical assets and data”. CISA noted that the cyber threat level for several sectors is perhaps at the highest it has been in years. The FBI also added that further disruptive cyberattacks are likely to spill over to other countries and that “Organizations should increase vigilance and evaluate their capabilities encompassing planning, preparation, detection, and response for such an event.” Notable members of the U.S Government sounded the alarm as well.

The United States President Joe Biden, who recently issued an urgent warning to American business leaders to strengthen their companies’ cyber defenses immediately also warned, “The magnitude of Russia’s cyber capacity is fairly consequential and it’s coming”, and that there is “evolving intelligence” that suggests Russia is preparing cyber-attacks against the U.S.

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CISA’s recommendation to evaluate your organization’s capabilities around existing Cybersecurity frameworks is an immense step forward in the right direction to preparing preventative and detective cybersecurity measures. As your trusted advisors, QoS protects valuable information wherever it resides. We manage and align security risks with business goals, automate user management to achieve more efficient compliance, elevate your readiness to handle internal and external threats and vulnerabilities, enable operations to complete the mission while minimizing risk, and achieve productive collaboration with fully compliant security controls and frameworks. QoS information assurance and cybersecurity solutions deliver concrete and measurable business value at each step of your cybersecurity and compliance journey.

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