Cybersecurity Awareness Has Crept Upon Us!

Mummified Cyber-experts around the country rejoice after waiting 11 months to be unraveled

Since 2004 the Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) has attempted to keep people’s minds on security while everyone else is holding a delicious chocolate bar in front of their faces and sporting a scary pirate costume this month. That’s right it’s October, which means it is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, and this year’s theme is “See Yourself in Cyber”. In 2022 Cybersecurity should start with the person in the mirror (You), so avoid buying vampire or ghost costumes this year, and surely don’t repeat Candyman five times. You should envision yourself acting on the upcoming tips to better your cyber defenses.

Solutions That Will Give you Goosebumps

CISA outlined in their report three monstrous steps you can take to celebrate Cybersecurity Awareness Month. The first is really for everyone; You should see yourself taking action to stay safe online. Take any cliché horror movie scene for example: You have a choice to hop in the running car and wheel away, or hide inside the dark shed filled with chainsaws… Take the car. In computer terms you should be practicing good cyber hygiene all the time, the How to Avoid a Nightmare on Your Street section of this blog will cover those steps in depth.

See yourself becoming a vampire… I mean joining the cyber workforce. This tip is more for those thinking about joining one of the most important teams in the country, the good guys. Cybersecurity is one of the fastest growing industries in the world, and organizations are always looking for creative, hardworking ghostbusters. So, if you are considering entering it, dust off the cobwebs on your computer and see what jobs are available!

For those already in cyber, CISA emphasizes teamwork! Scooby-Doo and the gang didn’t unmask all those villains with just an English-speaking Great Dane! You should see yourself as part of the solution, meaning working together to share information from the start to protect America’s greatest assets. At the end of the day, you are an integral part of the industry.

How to Avoid a Nightmare on Your Street

CISA also touched on four extremely important things you can do to fend off cyber-attacks. As we have touched on in past blogs, villains are coming up with new creative ways to trick (Not treat) you into giving them sensitive information.

  • Think before you click links, you should recognize and report any suspicious emails from unknown senders. Is really trying to reach you? No, but it could be a phishing attempt to steal your information or install malware on your device. If you’re interested in learning more about malware, read our blog.
  • The next one is often forgotten because it can get in the way of work: Update your software. Not all updates to your device change where the search bar is (That’s you Apple). In fact, they almost always include necessary security patches that fix vulnerabilities quickly. New vulnerabilities are found every day, so it is imperative to keep your devices up to date. I recommend checking your work laptop and phone ASAP to see if an update is available and be sure to keep automatic updates enabled.
  • Another tip is using strong passwords. Passwords should be long, unique, and randomly generated. You should also consider using a password manager that keeps them encrypted and secure for your keeping. If your passwords are weak, don’t SCREAM! Change them immediately.
  • But a password is not enough to keep out the bad actors, including Kristen Stewart from the Twilight Saga. Okay, that may be a hot take but if you’re binge-watching Halloween movies this month watch it back and tell me you didn’t cringe. I am of course referring to Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). Some people don’t like it because it adds an extra step, but in cybersecurity convenience and security are often at odds. Enable MFA wherever you can as it makes your accounts significantly less likely to be hacked. Someone I know recently had their Instagram account taken over by a hacker for this exact reason.

See Yourself in Cyber

October is a fun month, it’s filled with the memories you create trick or treating with your kids, or the annual Halloween party your company throws. The point is you shouldn’t lose sight of the man with knives for hands… or the security of your organization which includes well, everyone! You should See Yourself in Cyber not only in October but throughout the whole year!

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